Castells en l'Aire

In Vilanova, a small seaside town south of Barcelona, a group of around a hundred people gathers every year to build what they call “castells”. They come from all over, from every social class and every corner of the political spectrum. They come here to build “human castles”, teaming-up to achieve one and the same goal, to create a whole from all their individual parts. But disputes about independence divide the group, just as they divide Catalonia, Spain and Europe. On top of that, each individual is also beset by their own inner conflicts, making these “castells” a metaphor for a very troubled Catalonia.

Length :

56 minutes

Year :


Production :

France 3 / Les Productions du Triton – Ajaccio

Director :

Joseph Gordillo

Writters :

Joseph Gordillo & Laetitia Giroux

Photography :

Joseph Gordillo

Music :

Hervé Birolini

Editing :

Lucie Mével

Supported by CNC, Procirep, Angoa and Corsica.