My Neighbours,

Chronicle of an Election

The Extreme Right has come to represent hope to people who see their lives as being hopeless. More than ten million of them- barely hanging onto employment or already unemployed – lit the fuse on a bomb at the time of the French presidential election, in May 2017. Will they bring down democracy with that most democratic of weapons, the right to vote? In a village in the east of France I observe my neighbours – decent people all- as they prepare to vote…

Length :

92 minutes

Year :


Production :

France 3 / Veo Productions – Toulouse

Director :

Joseph Gordillo

Writters :

Joseph Gordillo & Laetitia Giroux

Photography :

Joseph Gordillo

Music :

Hervé Birolini

Editing :

Dominique Petitjean & Martin Mauvais

Festivals :

Selected in Documenta Madrid,

and pre-selected in Prix SCAM 2018.

Supported by CNC, Procirep, Angoa and Occitanie.