The Law of the Weakest

Ralph Blindauer is a lawyer. He is the bane of corporate shareholders’ lives. When a French subsidiary of an international company shuts following downsizing, he can be found alongside the protesting workers, at union meetings and banging on the doors of the multinationals, megaphone in hand. Himself the son of a metalworker, his lawyer’s robe is his best asset in standing up for the weakest. But now the collective struggle must be fought against a new enemy. An enemy within.

Length :

61 minutes

Year :


Production :

France 3 / VLR Productions – Paris

Director :

Joseph Gordillo

Writters :

Joseph Gordillo & Laetitia Giroux

Photography :

Joseph Gordillo

Music :

Hervé Birolini

Editing :

Lucie Mével

Supported by CNC, Procirep, Angoa and Grand Est.